Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Workshop with Anna Gerber

During the two day workshop with Anna Gerber, I had to choose a matter which has constantly influenced my practice. After all, I came up with the fact that I have always been obsessed with 'collection'. However, simply defining the issue was not enough, what Anna was looking for was a much deeper level at understanding the reason of being influenced by this obsession.

Her concern had reminded me that it is essential to observe things and research at a much deeper level in order to allow my practice step up to a professional level.

After thinking hard and analyzing the 'obsession' from different angles, I had finally concluded that it was the continuous nature and potential in expansion which led to my excitement towards collection of things.
For my final execution, I showed the potential in continuity through a hugh spider-gram of my human connection with friends. I thought of human network because human relationships have always been an interesting area to me, it is something worths explored and investigated into.