Friday, 22 January 2010

Ideas for my major practice

For my major practice, I would like to work with a topic which is closely related to human relationship at some points. Consider my interest in people's different cultural backgrounds, plus the previous practices throughout the semester so far, I have finally decided to work on the theme of time-management. This is a contemporary area to be studied because it is closely related to everyone's daily life, their social habits etc.

I would like to take different approaches in order to respond to people's interesting and unpredictable time-spending behaviour.  

I would like to work on case studies of my friends, family members and so on, work out a unique set of formulas for each of them and deliver them in the forms of charts, graphical graphs etc.

In addition, I am looking forward to building up a three-dimensional design which allows the audience to interact with. It will be a lantern-like bubble, the idea is similar to entering a fitting room, the audience walks into the site to be surrounded by curtains (each curtain represents a major category that people usually spend time on), closing them according to the division of time he will be spending on the categories. 

Due to people's different preferences, each participant will form his unique time-slot bubble.
Through my practice, I would like to deliver the message of the importance for having good time-management, and to urge the audience to be fully alert of the many factors to be taken into account before they take decisions on how they spend their time and the consequences.