Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Final Designs

Since the undelivered bracelet was meant to be sent to my friend, I would like to narrate the story throughout the whole design. I tried to place these photocopied images of the bracelet in a box stamped with different dates, the ideas and thoughts in the design are as the following: 

photocopying the bracelet=reproduction of the bracelet:
this bracelet itself is no doubt a product for sale, 
an item to be manufactured and produced repetitively for many times

bracelets with different materials on top:
since the bracelet was something ready to be sent as a gift to a person, 
there was authorship in the bracelet, and so there was aura in it. 
Different materials serve as different periods that the bracelet underwent when it was delayed to be sent off in a parcel    

Apart from responding to the concepts discussed in the Walter Benjamin text, I had also taken human relationship issues into account in the creative process. 

I expressed the emotional aspect (friendship between the two people) of the story by storing the bracelet images into containers which were filled with different food, such as candies, onions, lemon, chillies. 
They symbolize different stages that a friendship would encounter. 

This is an interesting project as the design is a response to the text. On the other hand, I have gone through many experimental attempts in terms of materials to be used and presenting my idea through media that I did not come to mind before.